The 2017 storytelling commission is by Scottish storyteller Ruth Kirkpatrick.

This year’s theme for the commission is ‘A New Chapter’

 ‘I’ll Mak Sikkar’- a Northern Odyssey

I’ll mak sikkar, I’ll make sure, the clan motto of the Kirkpatricks… borne out of a bloody bout in an ancient  game of thrones.  I, proud daughter of a clan chief will tell you how it came to be…”

Ruth will make sure to bring a rare distillation of family history, blended with stories and songs from Scotland.  A land hewn by the music of the tides, the words in the wind and the deeds of its people.

She will make sure to breathe fresh life into ancient tales from the misty North populated by selkies, stoorworms and sorcerers!

She will make sure to sing of the inevitable change, which we all must face, of the loss of the old and the embrace of the unexpected new.